What can be described as nothing other than luck, or destiny, or whatever you want to call it. Jordan Nix, Dane Farrington, and Robert Herrera all got jobs selling gear at Guitar Center in College Station, TX. Jordan, Robert, and Dane began playing duo and trio shows in College Station and the surrounding areas. After months of playing shows, working, and attending concerts and festivals together, the group decided that they wanted to really invest in their music. The three played their first show as Jordan Nix & The Day Drinkers in September of 2017. Shortly after, Robert White joined the band to complete the group, and finish the sound the band had been looking for. Although, all the members have a very different set of influences and musical background, they come together to create a very unique, bold, Americana based sound they refer to as "Rustic Rock". The band released their first single in march of 2018 titled 'Gas Station Flowers'. JNDD is set to release their self titled debut album 'Happier Than Normal' in the Fall of 2018.

Meet Jordan Nix & The Day Drinkers

Jordan Nix - Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals

Jordan is the youngest of five children. He comes by his writing and playing honestly. All of his siblings play, sing, or some combination of the two. His parents also lived out of an old greyhound bus at one point so they could travel and play. Music is at the heart of most of Jordan's life. He began playing 14 years ago at the age of 11, and began writing at 15. Jordan began playing shows, song swaps, and everywhere they would have him in 2015. Jordan is a die hard Dallas Cowboy and Houston Rocket fan. Jordan is married and has a daughter. They all live in Jordan's hometown of Buffalo, TX

Robert Herrera - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Music has always been an integral part of Robert's life. Growing up on East Texas Prison Farms, and the warden as his father, Robert was given many unique musical experiences. He would join in with the prison bands and learn from more experienced musicians. He was also given opportunities like being able to take stage with Whiskey Myers in his early teens. Robert credits his drive and love for music through those moments. Robert has been a front man and played with other bands such as: Desdimona, Lil Rob & The Johnny Sacks, and The Landon Evans Band. Robert is endorsed by Moniker Guitars, Supro Amplifiers, and Analog Alien Guitar Pedals. 

Dane Farrington - Drums

Dane is from Fiendswood, TX, and has been playing drums for 10 years. Dane credits a slew of different influences. Foo Fighters, Zac Brown Band, and Avenged Sevenfold  are all on that list of influences for Dane. Dane began playing in a church band in high school, then began playing with Jordan about 2 years ago. Dane is  aTexas A&M graduate. Outside of playing, Dane enjoys good movies, pizza, and sports. He is, in fact, single.

Rob White - Bass/Vocals

Rob Graduated from Texas A&M in the spring of 2014 with a degree in Sport Management. In his spare time, Rob enjoys watching Aggie baseball, soccer, and other sporting events. Rob plays a 1972 Fender P Bass, a relic of Singing Cadet performances from the past. Rob also plays tenor saxophone, acoustic guitar, ukulele, and dijurido. Rob has played with The Landon Evans band, as well as The Singing Corps at Texas A&M.